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Bread Dome

Bread Dome

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The Bread Dome is an amazing product for baking breads and chicken, vegetable or meat dishes. The stoneware material replicates a professional brick-lined oven to create a dry, even heat and spectacular bread.  The domed shape allows air to evenly-circulate around the baker for a uniformly browned crust on your bread while the unglazed lid helps create the perfect environment for baking crackly breads and juicy chickens and roasts. The glazed bottom won't absorb juices from foods so the Bread Dome maybe used for both breads, as well as, other dishes. The added hole in the lid allows the Bread Dome to release steam to prevent soggy breads.  You'll love this product!  Bottom is dishwasher-safe.  Scrub lid with hot water and air dry.

  • Overall Height:   8" (to top of handle)
  • Overall Width:   12.25"
  • Base Outer:   9.75"D X 4.5"H
  • Base Inner:   9.25"D X 4.5"H
  • Lid Outer:    8.75"D X 3.25"H (to top of handle) 
  • Lid Inner:    8.25"D X 3.25"H
  • Base & Lid:   12.25"W X 8"H (to top of handle) 
  • Base & Lid:    12.25"W X 7.5"H (to top of dome)


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