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Staub 12" Steam Grill

Staub 12" Steam Grill

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The Staub SteamGrill is specially designed to keep your food surrounded by steam, while draining off any excess fat. This process keeps the food moist and tender on the inside, while the intense heat from the grill, keeps the outside nice and crisp. This multi-functional pan can also accommodate many other different cooking tasks in your kitchen. Cook your hamburgers on this indoor grill and then use the glass lid to melt cheese on top. Form perfect diamond grill marks when searing a steak or vegetables. The Staub SteamGrill offers easy, healthy cooking in so many ways!


Excels at high grilling temperatures which brings the qualities of an outdoor grill inside – AND more!

Using the lid increases natural juices to flow from the food and enhance the flavors during the steaming process.

Glass lid allows you to monitor cooking while keeping the moisture in.

Steaming and grilling simultaneously decreases the cooking time while keeping the food tender and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside

High ribs on the pan keep food out of the drippings and allow for perfect grill marks to form, even while steaming is occurring

The ribbed cooking area helps drain excess fats from fish and meats

Great for steaming & grilling vegetables – for a tasty, healthy meal

Excellent natural heat retention, plus the glass lid, will keep food warm on your table

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and beautifully designed to be used from oven/stovetop, directly to your table

Slim design offers a lighter pan

Ergonomic double-sided, loop handles offer safe and easy maneuvering of the pan, even with large oven mitts

The double-sided handles allow for easy cleaning and convenient storage

Due to the moisture during the steaming process, foods that would normally stick on the cast iron pan are naturally released, making clean-up with cast iron easier than ever

Safe on all cooktops

Oven safe to 500˚F

Made in France

Rough texture results in exceptional searing and browning

Requires no seasoning

Dishwasher safe

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