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Kyocera 4.5" Utility Knife

Kyocera 4.5" Utility Knife

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Description FK Revolution series is another line of exceptional ceramic knives from Kyocera Advanced Ceramics. Comfortable ergonomic handles provide precise control. Offered in 5 new colors, these sleek, ultra-sharp knives are designed to complement-not compete-with traditional cutlery. The Revolution series is designed for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Kyocera ceramic cutlery is typically half the weight of equivalent knives. Perfectly balanced, this lightweight tool becomes a comfortable extension of the hand, reducing fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks. Ceramic does not absorb food elements, allowing just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel. Hand wash or dry with kitchen towel. This hardness translates into a rock-like edge that will not roll like conventional blades. Advanced ceramic blades stay razor-sharp 10 times longer than conventional steel blades, including high carbon steels. As a result, it will never alter the taste, smell or appearance of food.

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