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Caldrea Pump Hand Soap

Caldrea Pump Hand Soap

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Scent is our signature. And yours.

Scent is an intention. One that tells the world who we are and reminds us how we want to feel. Caldrea scents are made with equal purpose. All with natural ingredients at the core.

Every house has a fragrance. Indelible and visceral, it imprints every time we walk in. It says hello, welcome. You're here. You're home.

We believe the scent of your home deserves the same quality and beauty of a perfume. We deliver fine fragrance-worthy scents with a sense of safety that you can happily wrap your friends and family in. For that's precisely what you do.


  • We use a combination of natural essential oils from flowers and herbs with safe ingredients sourced at the level of personal care.
  • We use some safe synthetics, to ensure consistent performance and a luxurious experience.
  • Our homekeeping blends deliver cleansing efficacy along with the pleasures of scent.

Aromatherapeutic hand care products. Naturally caring for you and yours.


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