The home of the STAUB brand is France, a country famous worldwide for its culinary tradition and really good food. Merville, in the north of France, is the place where STAUB creates high quality cast iron by combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

Each cast iron piece is truly unique and the result of a manufacturing process mixing the best of tradition and modern techniques. With its innovative inventions, STAUB has clearly optimized the benefits of the cocotte, creating outstanding cookware that is treasured by professional and home chefs around the world. And probably by you – as soon as you start cooking with STAUB.

Luckily this secret actually isn’t that secret, so we are happy to share it. Let’s start with the specially-contoured lid and its excellent moisture-retention properties. Its self-basting system ensures a continuous rainfall effect evenly over the cocotte’s contents. This guarantees that each ingredient retains its full flavor. Meat does not dry out and vegetables remain tender.

The interior of all STAUB pots is enameled with a high-quality black matte finish with ideal properties for searing, roasting and caramelizing food. And here’s some more delicious news: enameled cast iron preserves the nutritional values and full aromas for every ingredient. Whatever dishes you prepare in the STAUB cocotte, you can count on a tasty and nutritional result for mouthwatering meals.

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