Ice buckets and wine holders are essential for a good bar.  Ice buckets that are double walled stainless steel, acrylic, wood, or crystal can be found in this category.  You can find a casual ice bucket and wine holders or a more formal crystal ice buckets and wine holders here.  Nambe, Juliska, Arte Italica, Mariposa, Vagabond House, Arthur Court and some of our brands of ice buckets.  Wine holders are also in this category.  Whether you need one for red wine or white wine, we have a great selection of wine holders.  For white wine we have wine holders to keep your wine chilled.  Stainless steel double walled, marble and double walled acrylic are some popular choices for white wine holders.  For red wine holders we have many that are decorative to protect your table, in metal or glass.  The decorative wine holders are deer motifs, horse motifs, woodsy acorn and oak leaf motifs, and antler motifs.  Almost any wine holder to suit any taste or decor.  The Simon Pearce wine coaster is also very popular as a wedding gift and it can be personalized as well.  Wine holders for multiple bottles of wine can be found in the ice bucket and wine holder category.  Whether you want to display your wine holder on the counter or you need to store a lot of wine in a cellar, we have choices for you.  The perfect ice bucket or wine holder is waiting for you in the ice bucket or wine holder category.  Be sure to come and look at all of them.

Double Walled Ice Bucket with tongs

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