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Teak 16×12 Edge Grain Cutting Board


16×12 Edge Grain Cutting Board

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This ProTeak carving board is constructed from plantation grown, first quality teakwood. Teak has been used for centuries by ship builders due to its strength, durability, and waterproof qualities. This ProTeak carving board is assembled using individual narrow teak strips for a strong and adhesive bond.
The ProTeak carving boards are versatile and convenient with the spacious surface, hand grips, and light weight. Teak has a naturally high level of oily resins, which gives the hardwood its amazing ability to repel moisture, warping, and other signs of aging. Every individual ProTeak carving board is handmade making your carving board one of a kind.
Teakwood is extremely stable, beautiful and long-lasting as well as being easy on your knife blades making it the ideal material for carving boards. For these reasons ProTeak carving boards are a favorite among professional chefs. ProTeak offers several other size carving and cutting boards as well as chopping blocks to suit any need.

Proteak Cutting Board Features:

  • ProTeak carving boards are both beautiful and functional
  • Edge grain wood cutting
  • Teakwood boards are waterproof making them durable and long lasting
  • ProTeak carving boards are gentle on knife blades
  • Made in Mexico
  • ProTeak carving boards are handmade making every board unique
  • Board has a canal to help trap juice from items you are cutting