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Breville Compact Smart Oven

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Breville Compact Smart Oven

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Breville Compact Smart Oven is the multi-use kitchen appliance you’ll use every day. Superior qualities of the larger Breville toaster oven, using less counter space, yet bakes a 12″ pizza. Innovative Element IQ technology and 1,800 watts of power distribute heat evenly among four quartz elements, so food heats evenly and cooks to perfection. Easy-clean nonstick interior, blue backlit LCD screen, intuitive dial controls and 8 customizable pre-settings: toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies and reheat. If you change settings, this Breville small oven “remembers”, storing previous setting in memory for accurate cooking. Turn dials with the ease of a dimmer switch. Adjust temperature 120 F to 450 using the dial, and this brilliant appliance delivers precise power to the right heating elements at the right time. LCD illuminates orange to indicate pre-heating, and audible alert sounds when pre-set temperature has been reached. Broil function activates top two heating elements to melt and brown. Toast function activates top two and bottom two heating elements to seal and crisp. Bake function uses top two and bottom two heating elements with the convection fan turned on to ensure food is cooked. Two-hour timer and auto shutoff prevents overcooking.

The Breville countertop oven features timer dial for toasting shade and number of slices (or bagel halves), frozen foods (defrost) button and Fahrenheit/Celsius selection button. Coated stainless-steel top surface doubles as a warming space. Ideal to warm dinner plates prior to serving. Includes: enameled baking pan, enameled broiling pan and removable crumb tray. Stainless-steel exterior. Dishwasher-safe pans and tray. Interior: .6 cu. ft. 16 1/2″W x 12 1/2″D (15″ w/handles and stopper) x 10″H