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Staub Double Burner Griddle


Staub Double Burner Griddle. Plancha means to grill in the simpliest form: on the cooking surface without any addition. A plancha is great for cooking small items and all sorts of things such as fish, meat, sea food, as well as vegetarian and vegan food, that tend to fall through the grill. Grilling with a plancha also allows for juices and marinades to be generously poured over. One product for everything and everyone: The new STAUB Plancha griddle offers plenty of space for the whole family or guests. And when it comes time to serve, the cast iron plancha is simply placed on the table or buffet. Its modern design with clean lines and black matte surface ensures excellent presentation anywhere. It’s the modern way to cook and serve. Whether it’s light Asian cuisine, juicy steaks, delicate fish or fine sea food, more and more people nowadays appreciate low-fat, simple cooking on a griddle. The premium-quality STAUB Plancha lets you cook meat, fish, vegetables and more efficiently for several people simultaneously. Its size is ideally suited for preparing different dishes in separate zones at the same time. Its 38 x 22,5 cm cooking surface provides plenty of space for meals together as a family or with guests. Once the food is cooked, the hot dishes can be served directly at the table or buffet, where the STAUB Plancha is the perfect serving plate in both form and function. In addition to looking great, its cast iron retains heat over time to keep food warm for long periods. Its modern design, rectangular shape and classic black (black matte on top, glossy below) palette come together to create a truly exclusive and premium-quality impression. However, the versatility doesn’t stop there: As a special piece of cast-iron cookware, the griddle is suitable for use on both stoves and barbecues. It is also compatible for use on induction stoves (the booster function must not be used). This means that there are practically no limits placed on your culinary creativity.