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USA Pans 9″ Square Brownie Pan with Lid

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The USA PAN® 9 Inch Square Cake Pan and Lid Set evenly bakes baked goods that have an amazingly easy release from the pan. This pan is the perfect size for baking soft chocolate brownies or a moist fluffy cake amongst other treats. The lid was specifically designed to fit the USA PAN® Square Cake Pan like a glove and comes with a handle to allow for easy transport. Use the lid to store baked goods overnight or pop on top of the pan to make for flawless and safe movement between locations (no Crying over spilled milk or ruined frosting here!). The cake pan surface is coated with AMERICOAT® , a non-stick silicone, allowing you to easily remove your baked goods from the pan. The non-stick feature makes clean-up truly effortless. AMERICOAT® is made without PTFE, PFOA and BPA. USA PAN® has been designed with the same standard high performance features that commercial bakers enjoy including aluminized steel and heavy gauge steel construction that allows for even heat distribution and maximum service life. USA PAN® 9 Inch Square Cake Pan’s unique fluted surface design facilitates air circulation and also maximizes pan strength, which helps to resist warping. USA PAN® bakeware is long-lasting, durable, reliable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. USA PAN®’s professional grade bakeware helps everyday home bakers produce professional grade baked goods. USA PAN® is a Bundy family owned company, based in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area that has been producing high performance bakeware for over 50 years.